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Webinar: BIND Study information for UK Families

Thursday the 23rd of June, researchers from the BIND project representing the London site, Andria Papageorgiou and Dr Isabella Vainieri introduced the relevant study information to interested UK Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy (DMD/BMD) families. 

This project is a collaboration between six European countries and it aims to better understand how DMD/BMD impacts learning and behavioural challenges, by developing assessments to better evaluate these comorbidities. The purpose of this webinar was to provide some background knowledge on the involvement of the brain with Duchenne and Becker’s, give an overview of the general aims and study information of the BIND project as well as a step-by-step guide on how to join the study for interested parents.  

An important point that was highlighted is that for participants who complete the study, will be provided with a detailed feedback form showcasing the areas that might be challenging for them. This report can be used to seek further support in the educational sector, a referral to local authorities for further clinical assessment or just as a method of raising awareness for challenging areas that might be impacting the individual and/or the family.

Contact details

Further information or answers to relevant queries about this project can be provided by Andria Papageorgiou ([email protected]) or Isabella Vainieri ([email protected]) from the BIND London site or Monika Malinova ([email protected]) from the BIND Newcastle site.