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Scientific Directors Committee

A model to promote research

There is a compelling need to work aligned with initiatives from other national organizations, so overlapping research projects can connect and will benefit from each other. For this, optimal and comprehensive transfer of knowledge in scientific research for Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy is needed.

The main objective of the SDC is to builds a strong, research-focused community. The Scientific Directors Committee (SDC) aims to share knowledge about scientific projects that are being carried out in different organizations around the world. It works from the independent strength of each organization whilst staying connected with the global network. This connects research projects from member organizations, and avoids unnecessary repetition.

To define the Research Interest Areas, the World Duchenne Organization will organize different meetings to connect the Scientific Directors from different organizations. This prioritization will unify the work of each organisation’s research department. Together, they will to promote the research and avoid repetition, to create a more efficient way of working.

Regardless of the origin of the project (extramural or intramural) the SDC identifies the insights and outcomes of each project so learnings can be transferred and is not lost. This is especially the case in negative results of preclinical studies.

  • Do you want an evaluation of a scientific project?
  • Do you wish to know how to perform a research action?
  • Are there doubts about a possibly fake new treatment?
  • Are you requesting help from other countries in different projects?

The aim of the SDC is to facilitate scientific to organizations that are in the process of setting up this infrastructure. This is done by explaining how to promote science, technology, and to promote education among researchers or clinicians.

Scientific Directors Committee

Help connect DMD/BMD research projects

Marisol Montolio, PhD (Spain)


Alexandre Mejat (France)

Board member

Eric Camino, PhD (USA)

Board Member

Shirley Ackerman-Laufer (Israel)

Board Member

Alessandra Gaeta (United Kingdom)

Board Member

Michelle Reneerkens (the Netherlands)

Board Member

"The SDC builds a strong, research-focused community"