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WDO Membership

Eligibility criteria

The more countries are connected, the stronger our global voice can be. With broad representation on a country and disease-specific basis, we can have greater influence on actions that benefit people living with Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy.

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Eligibility criteria

Objectives of members
Member organizations should have or develop a program for Duchenne and/or Becker Muscular Dystrophy (DMD/BMD). The organization would have to positively promote research, optimal care, knowledge, and education.

Ideally a parent or affected person should chair the project. Where this is not possible, for want of someone to fulfil the role, a parent or affected person should have a significant strategic leadership role.

Business form
The organization should have a not-for-profit legal constitution with a management committee that is accountable to its membership.

Statement of activities
Each participating organization will produce an annual statement of its activities with the relevant financial information.

Members per country
If there is already an organization with membership in a country, other organizations are encouraged to become a WDO member as well. The more countries are connected, and the more members we have, the stronger our voice can be.

Membership fee

The height of the membership fee is calculated upon the organizations’ annual income.

  • Annual income € 100.000 or more – membership fee of € 1.000
  • Annual income between € 5.000 and € 100.000 – membership fee is 1% of the annual income
  • Annual income lower than € 5.000 – minimal membership fee of € 50

Organizations will need to submit their annual financial statements each year.

Membership termination
Membership can be terminated by unanimous decision of the executive committee, if a member fails to uphold the above mentioned criteria and the reputation of WDO.

Aspiring Membership

For groups who are just starting

Are you interested to become a WDO Member, but do you not fit all the criteria? The WDO Aspiring Membership is created for patient groups that are interested, but not eligible to become a full member.

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Patient Organizations, unite!

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