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WDO Membership

WDO Aspiring Membership

We are receiving multiple requests from groups who are interested in becoming a member of the World Duchenne Organization. However, some groups are not eligible to become full members. The main reason for ineligibility is that the group is not registered as an official nonprofit organization. Therefore, the World Duchenne Organization is now offering WDO Aspiring Memberships.

The WDO Aspiring Membership is created for groups that are interested, but not eligible to become a full member. WDO Aspiring Members receive guidance on how to set up an official not-for-profit organization. This includes a democratic board and strategy that reflects the needs and situation of the Duchenne and Becker community. At the same time, Aspiring Members gain access to the global DMD/BMD community by receiving invitations to WDO activities.

The WDO Aspiring Membership is evaluated yearly by the WDO Board where it can be promoted to a full WDO Membership. Groups who are interested in becoming WDO Aspiring Members can complete the application form.

Below, the criteria and activities of this new membership type are discussed. Applications can be submitted by completing the application form


WDO Aspiring Membership can be applied for by groups with the following criteria:

  • Are not (yet) registered as an official non-profit organization.
  • Have the intention to become an official organization.
  • Are led by parents, family members, or people living with Duchenne/Becker MD.
  • Will in devote themselves to improve the treatment, quality of life and long-term outlook for all individuals affected by Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD and BMD) by:
    • Promote and support research;
    • Provide information to parents and clinicians;
    • Raise awareness for DMD/BMD. 


  • Receive guidance to become an eligible WDO Member.
  • Gain access to the WDO Library, containing curated information about Duchenne and Becker MD.
  • Receive training on various topics, e.g.:
    • Implementation of Care Guidelines
    • Fundraising & Sponsorship
    • Brand building & Communication
    • Code of Ethics
  • Join and actively participate in selected WDO Activities that support WDO’s Mission & Vision such as:

Membership fee

Total cost for the yearly WDO Aspiring Membership program is EUR 50, which will be waived if the group successfully applies to become a WDO Member. For any additional questions, please contact Suzie-Ann Bakker.


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash