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Nutrition in Duchenne

Nutrition in Duchenne

Not everyone may be aware of the need to pay special attention to nutrition and the intake of fluids. Together with experts on Duchenne and nutrition, we created an overview with information considering nutrition. The document is divided into age groups, providing information about where we should be aware of, and what we should be doing.

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Supplement use in Duchenne

Next to corticosteroids, patients often use cardiac medicines, participate in clinical trials and/or use vitamin D or calcium supplements. Drugs might interact with each other, leading them to become less effective or potentially harmful. Also, not many people are aware of the risks of taking supplements, especially in combination with other medication.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this series of videos, Dr Zoe Davidson (advanced accredited practising dietician in Australia) answers the 17 most frequently asked questions about nutrition in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This covers topics from chewing, what foods to eat and avoid, swallowing, fluid intake, and provides information about protein fortified shakes and what the best sources of protein are.

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