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Duchenne Patient Academy

Training for patient advocates

The Duchenne Patient Academy can be seen as one of the leading global Duchenne and Becker MD advocacy events. The training aims to equip patient advocates with the tools, knowledge and experience to better represent and serve Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy. Topics such as research, care, policy-making, regulations and awareness are discussed.

The training is of particular interest to people affected by Duchenne or Becker muscular dystrophy, patient organizations, researchers and clinicians. Patient advocates do not have to be connected to a patient organization. Duchenne Patient Academy is a collaboration between the World Duchenne Organization and Duchenne Data Foundation.

Suzie-Ann Bakker, program manager: “Each year, we apply the feedback of the alumni to develop the new program. Combined with the insights from clinicians, researchers and companies, we ensure that the topics address the needs of the global community. The agenda, speakers and topics differ each year. People who previously attended the Academy can always learn something new by attending another edition.”


Information and application

How can I apply?

Those interested to join can complete the application form. This application will be reviewed by the Duchenne Patient Academy Committee. More information about application openings and procedures can be found on the website.

What can I learn?

Hear from expert speakers and participate in the global dialogue. Receive training in fundraising, science, policy & regulations, clinical trials and more. Attendees benefit from networking opportunities and being connected with the worldwide community.

Where can I find more information?

Applications for the program are opening mid September. Find out more about the programme and application procedures here: