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XVIII International Conference on Muscular Dystrophy of Duchenne and Becker

The 18th edition of the International Conference on Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy, organized by Parent Project Italy. 17 - 21 February.

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PPMD’S 2021 Advocacy Conference

People with Duchenne and their families use their voice to ensure policy makers understand the urgency and need for federal focus and funding on Duchenne care and research.

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WDO Member Meeting

Closed online meeting where WDO Member organizations are invited to present their activities and connect with the global Duchenne community. Includes various presentations and guest speakers.

Meeting on Data Sharing for Duchenne

For its members, the World Duchenne Organization is co-hosting this Data Sharing for Duchenne workshop, with the Duchenne Parent Project NL and the Duchenne Data Foundation. Few seats are open for those interested…

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Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy holds the annual conference on June 23-26 for four days of information, education, conversation, and community.

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Duchenne-Konferenz Schweiz

Wir lassen Fachpersonen, Betroffene, Eltern und Geschwister zu Wort kommen und freuen uns auf eine informative Konferenz mit Raum für Gespräche, Austausch und Vernetzung.

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