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Relief Ukraine: Tool to trace Ukrainian patients’ needs of medicines

When you live with a rare disease you are totally dependent on the medicines you are taking. In many of these rare diseases, medicines are vital for the patient. In a situation of war, where healthcare services are severely damaged or non-existent, patients with rare diseases live in an even more dramatic situation.

During these last weeks of the Russian invasion in Ukraine we have seen how patient organizations have identified this need. Foundation 29 is trying to help families in Ukraine who need medicines and support. Foundation 29 wondered if technology could help, so they developed Relief Ukraine for the Patients Organizations and NGO´s that can bring aid.

This application connects patients with chronic diseases and in need of continuous medication with the humanitarian organizations responsible for distributing aid in the form of medicines.

We would like to invite you for cooperation in order to collect the data for necessary help for families and patients affected with DMD.

How it works:

  1. Physician (or patient) in Ukraine register in https://reliefukraine.net/ for mobile (available in English and Ukrainian)
  2. Fill their medical needs, especially the drugs needed (for example “Prednisone 2 boxes”), and location (not compulsory)
  3. Patient organizations (such as the World Duchenne Organization) receive the information on a dashboard, contact and try to help.

If you are a physician and know Ukrainian families that have this type of medical needs you can speak for them and request the medicines or medical aid they need.

If you are an organization having this need you can contact us at [email protected]

Personal data is protected with GDPR by EU laws.

This is a humanitarian crisis, and we wanted to bring in a fast way a technological solution that can evolve and be improved in the future. We offer the tool to Patients Organizations and NGO´s that will be providing the needed help on the ground.

Contribute to bring the correct medicines to the patients who need them.