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PPMD India

PPMD India joins World Duchenne Organization

PPMD India is a registered non-profit for over 10 years. The main objective is to provide the best possible help and assistance to people living with muscular dystrophy. Today, they are joining the World Duchenne Organization.

Anand Shah, Trustee of PPMD India: “Our primary objective is to work collaboratively towards providing information, solutions, care and treatments. We do this irrespective of which caste, creed or state in India they belong to. Our Trustees consist of a team of young parents, whose children are affected by Duchenne muscular dystrophy.”

Currently, India does not have a dedicated muscular dystrophy clinic where various clinicians can meet. PPMD India is working to unite clinicians from various fields and provide the best care, explains Anand. He continues: “We believe that the solution to finding viable treatment is research. For this reason, we are carrying out various studies.”

PPMD India is funding and collaborating with multiple hospitals and government institutions to carry out pre-clinical trials.

  • Gene Therapy Pre Clinical Study – Narayana Nethralaya Hospital
  • SNAP and SDF Toxicity study – National Institute Of Nutrition
  • ADMSC’s study with Dr Madhumohan – Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Repurposing Drug AZT by Prof Darek Gorecki University of Portsmouth UK and Dr Nimish Shah – Sir Reliance Foundation Hospital, Mumbai India
  • Upregulating the Utrophin with Dr. Utpal Basu from University of Kalyani

As members of the World Duchenne Organization, PPMD India is looking forward working together. Anand: “We are working to implement the latest Standards of Care in the Indian subcontinent, which WDO helped create. In addition to this, we are assisting all advocacy groups around the world to find a solution for this dreaded disease.”