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New Accredited Duchenne Center: Instituto Nacional de Rehabilitacion Luis Guillermo Ibarra, Mexico

We are thrilled to announce that the Instituto Nacional de Rehabilitacion Luis Guillermo Ibarra, in Mexico City, Mexico becomes the first hospital to be recognized as an Accredited Duchenne Center for pediatric and adult care.

We would like to extend our congratulations to the multidisciplinary Duchenne team at Instituto Nacional de Rehabilitacion Luis Guillermo Ibarra. This team is led by Dr. Rosa Elena Escobar, for attaining this Accredited Duchenne Center (ADC) status.

An international panel of experts conducted a comprehensive visit to the Mexico City, Mexico.:

  • Prof. Imelda de Groot, ADC Program Leader
  • Prof Sue Apkon, ADC Advisory Board member joining as care expert
  • Ms Graciela Mendez, as patient representative

During the visit, the team conducted various interviews with individual members of the applying neuromuscular team. Additionally, they conducted interviews with two pediatric patients, two adult patients and their families. The pre-visitation questionnaires and interviews confirmed that it adheres to international care considerations for pediatric and adult Duchenne care. The accreditation decision is reinforced by positive patient feedback through questionnaires and a recommendation letter from the national patient organization. The ADC accreditation status is set to remain valid for the next five years: during this time the care team is invited to attend training and conferences to stay up to date on the care considerations.

This accreditation is the second visitation during the pilot phase of the ADC Program. Other visitations are scheduled to follow suit in the next year.

Prof. Imelda de Groot is content with the pilot phase of this international effort to ensure consistent and contemporary care for people living with Duchenne across the globe. “As we approach the conclusion of the pilot phase in early 2024, the ADC Program Team, in collaboration with the ADC Advisory Board and WDO Board, will evaluate the program’s effectiveness and make necessary adjustments.”

Subsequently, Dr. Rosa Elena Escobar and her team are delighted with the accomplishment. “I understand that this accreditation is a privilege, but it is also a great responsibility to be able to have the standard of care that DMD patients require, and I hope that as the multidisciplinary team of the Institute we can carry it out to benefit the DMD patients”.

Meanwhile, the ADC Program continues to welcome applications. Duchenne Centers worldwide are invited to send in an application through the ADC website.

For inquiries, please contact Prof Imelda de Groot or Dr Karolina Podolská, [email protected] or [email protected]