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DMD Emergency Program activated for Turkey/Syria earthquake

DMD Emergency Program activated for Turkey/Syria earthquake

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria has been devastating. World Duchenne Organization, since the first hours, has been in contact with the local organizations. We check the conditions of the Duchenne and Becker MD families. The DMD Emergency Program has been immediately activated in order to provide resources and support to the families.

“As soon as the news reached us that Turkey and Syria were hit by the earthquake, we sought contact with our families to ensure they were safe.” Says Nicoletta Madia, community manager of the World Duchenne Organization. “We immediately offered support and help through the DMD Emergency for the Turkey Syria earthquake. With this program we are coordinating direct humanitarian support for families with Duchenne and Becker in the areas affected by this devastating earthquake.”

News outlets are reporting that over 33,000 people have died across Turkey and Syria due to the earthquake, reaching a 7.8 magnitude. World Duchenne Organization is in contact with DMD Turkey to provide resources and support for DMD/BMD families affected by the disaster.

“Currently, we have not heard yet of any Duchenne families who are directly affected by the disaster,” continues Nicoletta. “Most humanitarian aid organizations are working on the search and rescue in the immediate aftermath. World Duchenne Organization is anticipating the need for long-lasting care and support. We are working to ensure that special needs families are not forgotten.”

Today, the World Duchenne Organization activated the DMD Emergency Program for the Turkey Syria earthquake. We will continue to provide updates on the support provided to DMD/BMD families in Turkey and Syria, and the health needs being addressed amid the response, as the situation evolves.


Donate for DMD/BMD families affected by the Turkey/Syria earthquake


For information about the DMD Emergency Program, please contact Nicoletta Madia at [email protected]

About DMD Emergency Program

The DMD Emergency Program was set up with Duchenne Data Foundation as a support program for local communities. Here, global supervision is provided through a strategic global capacity building program. So far, it has provided support to the DMD/BMD community after the Beirut Blast in Lebanon and during the Ukrainian war.


Photo by Moein Rezaalizade via Unsplash