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3rd International Muscle-Bone Interaction in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Symposium

We have great pleasure to announce the “3rd International Muscle-Bone Interaction in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Symposium: Moving beyond the 2018 international standards of care for osteoporosis management”. The Symposium is hosted by the World Duchenne Organization and the International Conference on Children’s Bone Health.

This online symposium will be held on

  • Monday 7th November 2022 (1700-2015 GMT)
  • Monday 14th November 2022 (1700-2015 GMT).

There will be no registration fee.

Since the latest international standards of care for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) were published in 2018, which prompted greater emphasis on regular vertebral fracture monitoring and early treatment of bone morbidity, the landscape of DMD care has changed. This symposium aims to review the evidence base that informed the 2018 international standards of care, best practices for implementation of these care considerations, and emerging knowledge that has arisen from research in the past two years. The overall aim of this dialogue is to identify barriers to implementation of these “minimum standards of bone health care” worldwide, and to discuss future strategies that will move the dial on optimal management to foster bone strength and prevent fractures in this setting.

Target Audience

This symposium will aim to bring together clinicians (bone, endocrine, neuromuscular, orthopaedic, radiology) and scientists from a multi-disciplinary background to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of DMD on the growing skeleton and on endocrine outcomes (growth, puberty, obesity and adrenal suppression). Key patient representatives from members of World Duchenne Organization and other patient groups are also welcome.


The scientific programme is designed to address the following main aims:

  1. Highlight the minimum standards of care for bone and endocrine management as laid out in the 2018 international standards of care consensus with particular focus on practical aspects of implementation in the clinic;
  2. Share results of clinical research to support current management of osteoporosis in DMD;
  3. Showcase new clinical and translational research to consider the path forward to prevent fractures and related bone morbidity in DMD.

More information and registration


Programme organising committee

Jarod Wong (University of Glasgow, United Kingdom)

Leanne Ward (University of Ottawa, Canada)

Michela Guglieri (Newcastle University, United Kingdom)

Elizabeth Vroom (Duchenne Parent Project Netherlands)

Pat Furlong (Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy)

Alex Johnson (Duchenne UK)