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2nd International Conference on Rare Diseases

2nd International Conference on Rare Diseases

The 2nd International Conference on Rare Diseases will be live on your screen on Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd of March 2022. Based on the theme “The Balancing Act between Equity and Sustainability” this year’s conference recognizes the need to promote and protect the human rights of all persons, including the estimated 300 million persons living with a rare disease worldwide, many of whom are children, by ensuring equal opportunities to achieve their optimal potential development and to participate in society fully, equally, and meaningfully.

The Conference is organized by Health Daily and BOUSSIAS in cooperation with ‘95 Rare Alliance Greece’ under the patronage of Rare Diseases Europe (EURORDIS), and with the support of the European Federation Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), the European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG), the European Patients Forum (EPF), the European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs (EUCOPE), the Greek Patients’ Association, the Institute of Pharmaceutical Research & Technology (IFET)  and the Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Companies (SFEE).

Main Streams will focus on:

  1. Building a Sustainable Healthcare System based on equity, equality and patient rights
  2. European vs National RD Action Plans
  3. Advancing Policy Discussion on Prevention and Newborn Screening as Pillars of Public Health
  4. Data Wealth in Rare Diseases
  5.  Thinking out of the box: Alternative Access and Funding Models for Rare Diseases
    1. Transforming Access Models for RDs
    2. New Access Models for RD Medicines
    3. C. New Funding Models for Access
    4. New Funding Models for RD Drug Development
  6. Rare Disease as a National Priority in Greece

Website: www.rarediseases-conference.com
Registrations: https://www.eventora.com/en/Events/rarediseases-conference-2022