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Welcome aboard, DGM Germany

We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Muskelkranke e.V. (DGM) as a new member of our global community. The connection between DGM and WDO is important for the worldwide support and advancement of Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) and other muscle-related disorders.

Founded in 1965, DGM is the largest and oldest self-help organization for individuals with neuromuscular diseases in Germany, boasting approximately 10,000 members.

Their longstanding commitments include:

  • Fostering research
  • Raising public awareness about neuromuscular disorders
  • Informing and advising patients and their families
  • Advocating for the health and social interests of individuals with neuromuscular diseases
  • Promoting self-determination, participation, and inclusion
  • Supporting health literacy and self-help initiatives
  • DGM works diligently to raise awareness about muscular dystrophy and enhance the quality of life for those affected.

DGM Germany

The partnership between DGM and WDO represents a crucial step in strengthening global efforts to combat Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophies (BMD). Through collaboration, we can pool our knowledge and resources to enhance research, treatment options, and support for patients worldwide.

WDO believes that by sharing experiences and best practices among WDO Member organizations like DGM, progress can be accelerated. We are excited about the common goals we share and look forward to working with DGM and its members to sustainably improve the lives of individuals with muscle disorders.

We extend a heartfelt welcome to DGM and look forward to a fruitful collaboration in service of our shared mission to bring hope and support into the lives of Duchenne patients and their families.