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Care in times of COVID

Over the past months, we have been receiving an increasing number of questions about the risks of returning, or not returning, to Standards of Care for Duchenne patients in COVID times. What is feasible? What is sensible? What is the advice of experts of different countries? What are the differences in advice for the different stages of the disease?

Similar questions are being asked about attending school. So far, the global Duchenne community has not been hit by the corona virus as hard as we feared. An often heard explanation was “Duchenne families are experts in shielding”. Do we have to continue shielding and if so, to what extent?

WDO has been able to organise a webinar with:

  • Prof. Francesco Muntoni (Pediatric Neurologist, GOSH, London UK)
  • Dr. Jarod Wong (Pediatric Endocrinologist, Glasgow UK)
  • Prof. Linda Cripe (Pediatric Cardiologist, OHIO US)
  • Prof, Nathalie Goemans (Pediatric Neurologist, Leuven Belgium

The recording can be found below.

In case of any questions, please reach out to Suzie-Ann.