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Roche terminates SPITFIRE trial

Unfortunately we have a very sad piece of news today: after an interim analysis of the SPITFIRE trial with Roche’s anti-myostatin drug, Roche is terminating the trial and withdrawing the drug due to lack of significant benefit. Please see the letter for more information as well as an invitation to join one of the webinars on Friday 8 November, at 7:00 am GMT and 4:00 GMT/11:00am EST for all details currently available.

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Click here to read the community letter from Roche

WDO feels deeply for the families and boys who have put in the time and effort to participate in this trial. Without their participation no one would know whether this drug works or not. Their participation was meaningful and valuable for the whole community and lessons can and will be learnt from the trial. Our thanks and thoughts will go out to all participants and their families.

Should you have any questions you would like raised during the webinar, please let us know as soon as possible by replying to [email protected] or [email protected]. Questions will also be accepted during the webinar.