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Duchenne Care Conference 2018

Friday September 7, the Duchenne Care Conference 2018 is taking part. Other World Duchenne Awareness Day events are conferences, balloon releases and awareness and fundraising efforts. Amongst Australia, Greece, Norway, and Switzerland, an international conference will be organized in The Netherlands by Duchenne Parent Project, in line with the World Duchenne Awareness Day.

During this conference at the OBA, the Amsterdam Public Library, health care professionals and patient advocates from all over the world are joining the discussion around the implementation of the latest Standards of Care. An update of these Standards of Care were published early 2018 in the Lancet (Neurology). During the Duchenne Care Conference, the most relevant topics of these updated Care Considerations will be presented, followed by discussions of the implementation of the Standards of Care.

The full recording of Duchenne Care Conference 2018


International speakers include:

  • prof Eugenio Mercuri, pediatric neurology (Rome, IT)
  • dr Jarod Wong, endocrinology (Glasgow, UK)
  • prof Jonathan Finder, pulmonology (Pittsburgh, US)
  • dr Linda Cripe, pediatric cardiology (Colombus, US)
  • dr Anne Connolly, pediatric neurology (St Louis, US)
  • Marleen van den Hauwe, physical therapy (Leuven, BE)

Accreditation is requested for Neurology, rehabilitation, pediatrics and physical therapy.

Diagnosis and management of Duchenne muscular dystrophy

For more information and the full program for the Duchenne Care Conference, head over to https://duchenne.nl/duchenne-care-congres/.