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  • World Duchenne Awareness Day

    World Duchenne Awareness Day 2022

    Women and Duchenne

  • Emergency situation in Ukraine for Duchenne and Becker MD families

    Emergency in Ukraine

    Donate for families affected by this conflict

  • Goal World Duchenne Organization

    Better care, better treatments, better lives

    Global collective for the Duchenne & Becker voice

  • Consensus Guidelines for Adult Duchenne Care

    Journal of Neuromuscular Diseases

  • Stay updated

    Curated DMD/BMD information from across the globe

  • Standards of Care

    Give the care they deserve

  • Scientific Directors Committee

    Connecting research projects

Welcome to WDO

We’ve been connecting the Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy community since 2005, but we’re more than this. Partner with WDO and you’ll automatically join the global family to improve treatment, quality of life and long-term outlook for all people affected by Duchenne and Becker muscular dystrophy.

The World Duchenne Organization is here to support you in every way imaginable: with information about the condition, where to go and what to do for care, research, clinical trials, and advocacy. By doing this, we hope to empower you or your organization to give people living with this condition the care they deserve. Because that’s what matters to all of us.

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Duchenne-Konferenz Schweiz

Wir lassen Fachpersonen, Betroffene, Eltern und Geschwister zu Wort kommen und freuen uns auf eine informative Konferenz mit Raum für Gespräche, Austausch und Vernetzung.

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